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How it works


Step 1

Complete the simple and quick account creation form either as an Individual or Organisation. 

Its 100% Free to join; we don't charge fees. Connect with family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, fellow believers and more.

Be part of our online community of compassionate givers!


Support Network

Step 2

Update your profile details such as address, profile / cover photo, privacy, payment details and verify your account. Build a strong Support Network by connecting with family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, fellow believers, organisations and groups already on LifeTouchers or invite them to join LifeTouchers, if not already registered.



Step 3

Create fundraisers, giveaways and groups. Interact with your support network. Start receiving the support you need or help as much people, organisations or groups as you are led. Start fulfilling your dreams or passion of helping people in difficulty; be a Life Toucher. Donate to anyone at will using the donate button on every user's profile page. Come experience the power of support!!



LifeTouchers - We can all be life touchers!!

LifeTouchers is a social networking website for compassionate giving and support for everyone, especially those in difficult situations. We believe in the power of support hence we have created this platform to enable like minded individuals to live their dreams of being a present help to others in need. We are simply connecting people in difficulty with genuine helpers!

We believe in voluntary / compassionate giving therefore we don't charge fees to either donors or receivers for fundraisers; because we want the funds to be fully utilised for the intended purpose of helping with the actual need. However, if you like what we do and would like to help keep this site free from fees during fundraisers, then we encourage users to voluntarily give whatever amount they feel necessary to encourage our work.