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About us

LifeTouchers is a Christian social enterprise created with a goal of fostering compassionate giving and support amongst mankind. Our aim is to make our online platform serve as a first point of call for anyone in financial difficulty or other humanitarian needs such as domestic violence (male or female), immigration challenges, employment issues, discrimination, slavery, trafficking, bullying, depression and much more. An online destination to build strong and reliable support networks of individuals, organizations and groups willing to help you in difficult times and whom you are also equally willing to help during their times of need. On LifeTouchers you can get help from a strong support network or from our community of compassionate givers. We are connecting people in difficulty with genuine helpers!


LifeTouchers is 100% free for support networking and compassionate giving; simply put, it is a free "SUPPORT NETWORKING" website. We are the World's first free online support networking platform.

We believe in compassionate giving and support for "ALL" in "NEED", therefore our platform consist of a variety of engaging, interactive and exciting features to encourage giving and support. We don't charge fees for fundraisers and giveaways, they are 100% free; this is to ensure all contributions count towards helping with the actual need. However, to keep fundraisers free from fees we rely on voluntary contributions from of our community of compassionate givers.

We take privacy seriously as such users have the option to decide who can see their profiles, support network, fundraisers and giveaways either within their support network or publicly through high-level privacy features. Thus, enabling users keep their affairs as private as possible if required, only limiting their exposure to those genuinely interested in helping out in difficult times.


Our driving force is centered on the basis that as humans, we "all" have "needs" regardless of our age, status quo, geographical location, race, religion or position in life. The nature and degree of the need experienced by each individual is relative and dependent on the situation or circumstance they find themselves, therefore we need to refrain from judging other individuals in difficulty, but provide help as much as we can. Furthermore, its only in difficult times that most of us find we truly don't have anyone to turn to or a specific online destination where we can find the help we so desperately need. While sometimes we find we don't have the right people around us who are willing or able to help. On other occasions out of shame or fear we simply don't know where or who to turn to without exposing our private lives to the public or other individuals who we would normally not share our private affairs. Sharing these details with these individuals doesn't guarantee their willingness to help or their ability to keep your private affairs private. 

Our Mission

LifeTouchers strongly believes in compassionate giving, support and love for our neighbours whether in our immediate community or globally. Therefore we continuously strive to foster a culture of "giving" and "support" amongst mankind by making these acts exciting, fun and a way of life.

Come experience the power of support!

Come be a part of something big touching lives globally!

Come join our global online community of compassionate givers!