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How do I get funds donated to me?

At the point of registration a Stripe account is created for every user or user's with existing Stripe accounts can update their LifeTouchers payment details with their Stripe account credentials. All donations or funds received on LifeTouchers will be deposited directly into your Stripe account. You can then request withdrawal via Stripe.

Are the Giveaway products 100% brand new?

The state of giveaway products are dependent on the owner of the giveaway, so they could be new, used, refurbished or damaged. However all products are compassionately and freely given to a claimant solely chosen by the giveaway owner. The final decision of who gets a giveaway product or service solely lies on the hands of the owner and LifeTouchers has nothing to do with that decision.

What is a "Support Network"?

A support network is similar to what you call a friend list or connections on other social networking website. LifeTouchers is a social networking site for compassionate giving and support; your network of friends, family, colleagues, organisations and groups is what is referred to as "support network". This is because you should only add to your support network people who you are sure would be willing to assist you whether financially or other wise during your difficult times and people who you wish to help during their difficult times.

I recently joined LifeTouchers, I haven't added anyone, but have one Support in my Support Network already, who is that?

That's correct, you do. Every registered user automatically has one support in their support network upon registration - which is our support team (LifeTouchers - Support Team). We believe "no man should be an island on their own"; What's a support network without any support? The profile details of our support page is highly restricted, but our team would be online 24/7 via the online chat and messaging system to respond to all queries as soon as possible. If you need any help on how to use the platform or other related issues you want to discuss, we will be happy to help point you in the right direction.

Fundraiser Categories on LifeTouchers?

1. Accident (fundraisers to support accident victims) 2. Accommodation (fundraisers to support the homeless or people with housing issues) 3. Adoption (fundraisers to support child adoptions) 4. Business (fundraisers to support businesses) 5. Charity (fundraisers to support charities) 6. Childcare (fundraiser to support childcare) 7. Community & Neighbours (fundraiser for community and neighbour support /development) 8. Debt & Financial Crisis (fundraiser to support people in financial crisis) 9. Education & Training (fundraiser for tuition fees and educational initiatives) 10. Emergencies (fundraiser to support victims of fire, natural disasters, theft etc.) 11. Faith (fundraisers for church and other religious activities) 12. Family & Kids (fundraisers for families and kids in urgent financial difficulty) 13. Food (fundraisers relating to feeding the hungry) 14. Funerals & Bereavements (fundraisers to support bereaved people and funeral expense) 15. Immigration (fundraisers to support individuals facing difficult situations due to delayed immigration processes) 16. Medical & Diseases (fundraisers to support medical conditions and diseases 17. Memorials (fundraisers for memorials) 18. Mission Trips (fundraisers for christian missionary or other religious trips) 19. Occasions & Events (fundraisers for special events & occasions) 20. Old & Elderly (fundraiser to support the old & elderly) 21. Pets & Animals (fundraisers to support animals wellbeing / animal cruelty) 22. Sports (fundraisers for sporting activities) 23. Travel & Transport (fundraisers for travel & transportation) 24. Unemployed (fundraiser for job seekers / unemployed) 25. Veterans (fundraisers for war veterans ex-forces to help heal) 26. Volunteer (fundraisers for individuals will to freely give time for just and honorable causes).